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Countryside Chic


Apologies for the lack of posts, I’m in the middle of moving apartments to my new place in Berlin for a month until I find a permanent home! I am literally going to be homeless in a month, a thought that is equal parts terrifying and exciting at the same time. I love moving into a new place and creating the little personal corners that make it feel like a home but I do hate the part where you have to put all your stuff in boxes while you wait in ‘aparmtent limbo’ until everything settles. If I went to a fortune teller today and she said ‘this is a time of transition for you’ I would laugh at what an understatement that is! My entire life is in transition now and I’m on a journey to new unchartered territories ;)

Straight off my flight from Miami I went to the countryside for a wedding of a dear friend of mine. It was a beautiful weekend in the country and it was nice to see old faces despite my extreme jetlag! The wedding was beautiful and emotional and I’m happy I was able to be there to share in the love, laughter and madness that was this weekend.

I knew it was a countryside wedding so of course I planned my ‘day after’ outfit accordingly. I love this plaid top I got at Zara as it’s a bit more modern than your average tartan shirts. Tartan can seem dated so it’s important to pick styles which are more modern and contrast the tradition plaid/tartan pattern. The hat is my new favorite hat shop I was introduced to inĀ  Miami called Goorin Brothers which I loved. I have a serious addiction to hats which is not ending anytime soon! xx Sofia


Countryside Chic Countryside Chic Countryside Chic Countryside Chic Countryside ChicWearing: Zara parka and boots (similar here and here), Closed Jeans (here), Zara plaid top (current collection similar here), Goorin Brothers hat (similar here)


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