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Palazzo Pants

So I’ve survived my first night in my new place – Yay me! New start, new neighbourhood (east Berlin) and new outlook. I’ve been living in boxes and suitcases for weeks now making it difficult to find time or energy to post something new but I remembered I still had this look from summer which I hadn’t posted yet. This is my friend Karin’s bike which I borrowed as a prop of course since I’m a little scared of getting my own bike due to urban biking anxiety. I think I might have to get one eventually because this one is just too cute!

So here’s to new beginnings….because starting over is just like getting back on a bike, you just have to keep pedalling and move forward.

IMG_5249 IMG_5240 IMG_5283 IMG_5217 IMG_5206 IMG_5215 IMG_5201 IMG_5242 IMG_5239 IMG_5201 (1) IMG_5197

Wearing: Mango Palazzo pants (here), Mango crop top (here), Alsen Ibiza glitter espadrilles (here), Lancel clutch (here)


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