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Improve Your Beauty Sleep!


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Lately I’ve been preoccupied with my sleep patterns and how it effects my day to day as well as my health. Stress control is something very important to me as I can see how it can effect my health in more ways than one and since sleep deprivation makes stress so much worse, it has been a mission of mine to improve it.

PJ Heaven

Some sleep in the nude or in a boyfriend T shirt on laundry day but there’s no reason to not  invest in good quality Pj’s and slips. There’s nothing that gets me more in the Z Zone than slipping into something soft and luxurious. I love these from Eberjey and this slip.

Make a List
I’m a list-maker afficionado. This means that before I go to sleep my mind is racing with all of the things I have to do the next way. Now I make a list before bed (in my notebook as phones before bed are a no-no). Once I ‘ve done this my mind is clear and I can sleep better knowing I’m already organised for the next day, plus I have a schedule already prepared… I can already feel the stress lifting of of me!

No Phone Zone
No phones before bed. It’s been scientifically proven that the blue light our phones give out can seriously effect the melatonin we release during REM the cycle.
Keep a clock next to the bed. I’m a light sleeper so when I wake in the night I check my phone to see the time and then BAM, I check FB, my instagram and I’m WIDE awake again.

Soak it Up!

Bath therapy is my favourite because it’s the only time I can really relax and clear my mind of the stresses of the day. A hot shower is the next best thing and I try to use shower gels and moisturisers with calming scents like lavender and vanilla and my new favorites from Rituals.

No More TV
Keep the TV out of the bedroom. I know it’s hard but I’m the type to say ‘one more episode’ and before I know it it’s 1am and I’m just forcing myself to stay awake. Ever since my tv’s been in the living room it’s much easier for me to make that decision to drag myself to my comfy bed.

Zen Out

Create a calming atmosphere. Think of your bedroom as your sleep sactuary, it should have calming tones and few distractions but most of all it should welcome you in and be cosy and safe. Cosy fabrics and fluffy rugs with some scented candles is a good way to start. My favorites are from Dyptique.

Black Out

Invest in a good face mask for travel but also for your nightly sleep. Especially witht he sun rising earlier now, if you don’t have black out curtains you could have light creeping in as early as 5 am. Make sure you’re Z’s are not interrupted by the sun! I love this one in silk here

Pillow Talk

Get a good Mattress and pillows! We spend so many hours in bed, it’s hard to believe people still don’t put importance on good pillows and matresses. I recently invested in one and I can tell you it changed my life! The downside… I never want to leave my bed! ;)

Sleep Well Beauties!

Here are some of my favorite sleep aids you can shop below!


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