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Boho Dress – Favorite Summer Trends

I’m a sucker for anything Boho inspired. Give me any piece of clothing from the 70′s and I will gladly wear it whether it’s IN that season or not. On that subject, I don’t like following fashion rules that are too restricting of what suits my personal style. I don’t care if skinny jeans are ‘out’ or the ‘ugly shoe’ (See ugly Gucci furry slippers) are ‘in’. I’m not going to compromise my personal style for the sake of a trend! And frankly, I don’t understand how your feet don’t sweat when you wear fur lined shoes with no socks in summer… it’s just not something I want to invest in but each to their own, who am I to judge!

So I’m loyal to Boho inspired dresses for summer because it suits me and also because it seems to never go out of style. It’s the nostalgia of Brigitte Bardot in the summer or the ever feminine Veruschka. I would absolutely invest in the flowy creations of Chloé, budget allowing but at the moment I stick my ‘high-low’ styling philosophy and buy more high street dresses on Asos or Revolve and pair them with luxe accessories.

These are some other trends you should be sticking to this Summer:

1. Oversized boyfriend shirts, billowy blouses, Off Shoulder blouses and pretty much any boho inspired blouse with frills! Current favorite is Anna October (here)

2. Jeans re-visited: These include any jeans you had in the 90′s (see here), Mom Jeans (see Man Repeller), light wash Levi’s and any denim with patchwork or  that looks like you shortened them yourself.

3. Ethnic prints: this goes for anything from blouses to dresses but specifically we’re talkin about prints like this Dodo Bar Or dress (here)

4. Skirts with sneakers (see this post)

5. Beauty: Minimalist make up vs. heavy countouring… just ditch the countouring kits already girls!

IMG_4126 IMG_4118 IMG_4123 IMG_4133 IMG_4134 IMG_4124 IMG_4125

Wearing: Glamorous dress (here), Alsen Ibiza Espadrilles (here), Chloé drew bag (here), Rayban Sunglasses (here)

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