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Summer Bucket List with Hunkemöller

Summer is upon us and as you know, it is my favorite season for many reason’s! Besides warm summer days and nights, it’s also a time for holidays and most importantly, the beach!

In preperation for summer I’m wearing a Hunkemöller  bikini in fuscia which is great to show off a tan. I also loved this Panama hat from the Sylvie collection since I’ve been looking for a white straw hat for my upcoming sailing trip to Greece! I really love the pom-pom skirt and as you might of seen, pom-poms on everything from skirts, sandals to blouses is a huge summer trend!

Summer is also somewhat of a dreamy time, where you can fantasize about getaways and adventures and just let go from the opressive winter months. I always have so many plans and travels and I’m so excited that this summer I’m finally fullfilling a lifelong dream of sailing in the Mediterranean with my better half (stay tuned for that!).  I’m finally checking it off my Bucket List but there’s so many more things on there like…

1. A Safari in Africa in on of those Eco- reserve campsites which are basically luxury tents. Out of Africa is one of my favorite movies (and basically anything Meryl Streep is in) so this one is kind of big on my list!

2. Hot Air Balloon rides in Burma over the temples

3. Having an apperitivo in Cinque Terre

4. Surfing in Hawaii. I have a friend who’s a surf instructor in the summer and a snowboarding instructor in Vail Colorado in the winter. I need to do both!

5. Cruising through Monaco in an old timer. Ever since I saw Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘To Catch A Thief’ this has had a firm spot on my list!

6. A luxury resort in Tulum. I visited once for my graduation trip with my school but I’d love to go back with someone I love!

7. India… just everything about the colors, culture and sights. Everything in my body tells me I need to go!

8. Spending one summer doing something charitable, whatever it is, I have an overwhelming need to give back and you’ll be seeing more of it soon.

9. A picnic in Central Park with an open air cinema on a balmy summer night. I’m a sucker for romance, can you tell?!

10.  A girls trip to St Tropez! Need I say more?

So what’s on your list?! I challenge all of you to make your summer Bucket list on the Hunkemöller page here and check out my list here!

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Wearing: Hunkemöller Bikini, Hat, skirt and Hammama towel (all here)


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