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Key Largo – Free People Dress

there’s not much I enjoy better than to sit on a beach and look out into the ocean with a mojito in one had and my guy next to me, talking about everything and nothing. That’s what we did on my last weekend in Miami, we drove down to a place called Key Largo which is a stop over on the way to the Keys (don’t miss it if you’re in Miami!) and we had lunch at a little Tikki style restaurant. I love little bars like this that serve margaritas, mojitos, crab cakes and fish tacos and play old school Americana songs with tropical themes like ‘Kokomo’ by the Beach Boys.

The more I go back to Florida, the more I fall in love with it and its tropical vibes and southern hospitality. There is a huge Latino community there and you’ll find that in Miami sometimes you can’t speak english anymore! It’s great for me because I feel more at home but I can imagine the confused tourists! It’s that kind of diversity that makes me feel like Miami is my second home now, not only because half of my heart is now there with my guy.

I wore this cover up from Free People which I fell in love with as soon as I tried it on! I thought it was a dress but its way too low cut so I use it more as a cover up which was perfect for a beachside lunch. Everytime I go into that store I end up leaving with a few things! The Ballerinas I picked up at Zara while my Miu Miu ballerinas are on the way! I had to track them down pretty much in every store in the world and finally the girls at Miu Miu Kadewe Berlin managed to get a hold of the last size 39 in Europe! ;) Also when in Miami, visit the Miu Miu in Bal Harbour Shops… that outdoor luxury mall is just incredible!

Key_Largo_Sofia_Grau-20 Key_Largo_Sofia_Grau-19 Key_Largo_Sofia_Grau-22 Key_Largo_Sofia_Grau-14 Key_Largo_Sofia_Grau-18 Key_Largo_Sofia_Grau-9 Key_Largo_Sofia_Grau-15 Key_Largo_Sofia_Grau-6 Key_Largo_Sofia_Grau-2 Key_Largo_Sofia_Grau-21

Wearing: Free People Dress (here), Zara Ballerinas (Miu Miu Here), She Made Me Bikini (here), Ray Ban round Sunglasses (here)




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