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Long Distance Love


This is for all of those going through the long distance dating situations or who have ever been in one! I’ve wanted to write about this for quite some time because it’s something that so many people experience but so few talk about. When I first started dating my boyfriend, who lives in Miami, I got a lot of raised eyebrows and comments from friends like ‘but how are you going to keep this going when he’s so far?’ ‘

With the amount that we all travel these days (and bloggers tend to travel quite a lot!) it’s no wonder that we end up meeting our significant others in different countries. I’m sure you’ve seen big bloggers like Chiara, Aimee (songofstyle) and Sincerely Jules all have boyfriends living across the globe. Yes, it’s hard but sometimes love just hits you hard and there’s not much you can do about it. There’s also something timelessly romantic about it.

I love recieving handwritten letters, flowers and middle of the day, phone calls just to see what I’m having for lunch. We chat while we do our groceries, walk somewhere, stuck on the train or have a cosy Sunday indoors. Sometimes we even watch the same netflix movies on our shared account. I love spending long nights chatting about anything that comes to mind. Most of all I’m really happy I got to know someone with whom I share so much and can now talk about anything with. Sometimes when we’re together we realize we talk so much less but that’s only because we’re busy kissing ;)

There are some things that are hard of course. Not seeing eachother for months on end can make the time we’re apart lonely and it’s also incredibly distracting because all you can think about is that person you’re missing. Watching couples stroll down the street hand in hand can be painful at times and always being the third wheel when we’re out with friends can get tiring. When we see eachother though we make sure we have concrete plans for dates to make up for any missed time. Drive in cinema’s, road trips, date nights, hotel stays, sushi making, brunch with friends, … whatever it is you have to get creative so you have something to look forward to when you see eachother again. One thing we always do is have plans. What I mean is that we always know when the next meeting is going to be so that we don’t have those moments of not knowing. It makes airport goodbye’s a lot easier to handle but my heart still breaks a little everytime. (I’m a cryer and I cry all the way through security!)

On the plus side we’ve become experts at booking last minute tickets and sorting out our busy schedules to make time for eachother. In every relationship you have to learn to make time for eachother and we really have to plan our time together down to a T. In this respect its no different than any other relationship except we have to make flight reservations instead of restaurant reservations.

I really love that when you can’t show someone how much you love them with actions you have to do it with words. It brings so much more to the surface and it makes everything seem so honest and open. Every moment we spend together is treasured time, like every minute counts. In a world where there’s so little romance left, the long distance relationship may be the last way to live out a storybook romance.






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