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Interior Love

Since I’ve been sick in bed, I’ve had no more energy in me other than for drinking tea and pinning pretty things on Pinterest! I’ve developed a slight obsession for a certain kind of interior. I love Pinterest for that very reason: it helps me zone in on particular design aspects I gravitate towards. The more I pin, the more I can see patterns developing in my boards.

I made a board called Miami Life which is basically all things that remind me of Miami, from outfits to places and interiors. I really like clean white interiors with touches of natural textures and accessories with gold tone accents. I love the idea of bringing nature indoors, especially for beach destination homes so the idea of having big palms to add touches of green to the room is perfection. I also love a monochrome look with accents of bright yellow or teal incorporated in a subtle way. Below you can see some of the interior styles I pulled but check out the board for the full Miami feeling! Check out the board here!

All Images: Pinterest

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