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Sunday Beauty with Roger & Gallet

Skincare rituals should always be updated to meet our lifestyle, age and the needs of your skin. I’m a believer in listening to your body and skincare is no different so I’m always trying new routines for my skin to help it fight ageing, harsh enviromental factors and stress. So on a cold Sunday I tried the whole new ‘Le Soin Aura Mirabilis’ from Roger & Gallet.

Next month I turn 34 and 30′s might be scary to some but for me it’s been an age where I truly found myself and started to feel comfortable in my skin. With regards to wrinkles and ageing of course I’ve noticed changes but instead of trying to fight them, I try my best to work around them and improve them with lifestyle changes (I no longer smoke) and improving skincare rituals. I now cleanse more and I started using more serums and toners which I never used in my 20′s! When your skin looks great at 20, you kind of just assume it’ll stay that way… big mistake! ;)

Le Soin Aura Mirabilis is a new skincare line from Roger & Gallet which uses 18 natural essences (officinal plants and distilled plants) for perfectly even toned and revived skin. I tried the face care ritual on a cold Sunday afternoon and was really surprised by the instant effect on my skin in terms of moisture. Lately I’ve been on the go with a new job, the blog and a new season prep for SCIC Simwear so I really needed to give my skin some TLC.

My favorite part of this line is the incredible smell. I normally prefer scent free skincare but this is completely an exception for me. It reminds me of a summer I spent in France as a child and I find myself re-applying it just to smell the plant infused products!

1. Beauty Vinegar: This really leaves my skin feeling soft and even toned. It’s the perfect preperation before apllying serum and cream and I can really see that my skin is more even toned and super soft to the touch after applying it. I massage it in my skin using just my finger tips so it fully absorbs onto my face.

2. Double Extrait: with 18 natural essences from distilled plants but most importantly it revives, restores and infuses your skin with radiance. I apply this like a serum before my face cream and after using the beauty vinegar. It doesnt leave my skin sticky or tight but it does feel like my skin is ready for some moisture afterwards.

3. Extra Fine Cleansing Mask: for those of us who wear heavier makeup like foundation and mascara, this is perfect to remove all traces of makup but also to detoxify your skin and revive radiance. I absolutely love how my skin feels after it is completely clean, not just on the surface but also the deeper layers of my skin.

4. Legendary Cream: This cream is not only mosturizing but it also makes my skin look much more even toned. In the winter I like creams that are a bit thicker and not so ‘gel’ like so this is perfect for the colder months where my skin cries out for moisture that lasts! To be honest, I don’t know how much ‘anti-Ageing’ effect creams actually work so I prefer creams like this that simply moisturize, revive and add radiance to my skin as well as restore moisture.



 *In collaboration with Roger & Gallet


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