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Last Winter Look

I sincerely forgot to post this look from my time at the Bioré brunch in Hamburg on a very foggy day!

I love grey’s in winter to blend in with the mood but I always like to add a pop of color like this pink beanie I got from &otherstories and the glitter boots from Zara which go well with luxe-meets-casual theme.

I have so many plans coming up that I’ve been too busy to post anything but of course on Instagram you can always see what I’m up to and what I’m wearing! I am planning a big move which I’ll share later. I’m almost scared to share too much in case anything goes wrong but I can say that it’ll be exciting times ahead for me personally and professionally!

I’ll leave you with the outfit I hope you enjoy it!

Hamburg Grey-8 Hamburg Grey-2 Hamburg Grey-7 Hamburg Grey-6

Wearing: Vintage fur, Zara boots, Closed jeans, &otherstories sweater and beanie in cashmere, Chloe drew bag


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