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The Denim Update

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I’m on the hunt for some new jeans and frankly I’m a little confused as to where the denim trend lies this season! I’ve always been a skinny jeans girl because its just the style that suits me best. But now I’m seeing a lot of other cuts that just look a bit fresher than my old ripped skinnies. I tried the ‘mom jean’ trend and just found it completely unflattering, of course, that’s why they call them mom jeans! I did a little research on where to find the styles of the season and I’m sure I’m going to be trying the ankle grazing bell bottom style (I think its boot cut but it looks like a mid bell bottom).

Denim had a major revamp last season with people ditching skinnies in favor of boot cut styles with less of a distressed effect. Its a more ladylike style with ankle grazing lengths perfect for angle boots as well as summer sandals.

In summer think flowy blouses paired with ankle length cut jeans and some statement heels for a casual meets evening chic look.

Here are some of my favorites to shop for:


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