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Petersyn Blouse

By now you all may have noticed that I love off shoulder blouses with dramatic sleeves so this Petersyn blouse definitely made it to my most worn pieces this summer. I love the entire collection which is perfect for Miami and is also made of breathable cotton. One thing I learned in Miami is synthetic material in this heat does NOT mix well!

The plaid pattern is also great for transitioning into Fall in a kind of summery way since it won’t get cold enough here for wool, plaid winter coats… like ever! On that subject, this will be my first fall/winter in Miami so I’m curious to see how I’ll bring fall fashion to you guys! I have some upcoming trips planned so I’m guessing I’ll integrate some fall looks there! In the meantime, this is how we do Fall in Miami!

Photo’s by @theurbangal’s lovely photographer Jorge. The Babes in the photo’s are @theurbangal and @willworkforfashion and I can’t tell you how incredibly fun and lovely these girls are! I’ve met a lot of bloggers in this biz and there’s not many that are this genuinly cool!

SLS Slumber Party-2 SLS Slumber Party-4 SLS Slumber Party-7 SLS Slumber Party-9 SLS Slumber Party-10 SLS Slumber Party-12 SLS Slumber Party-15 SLS Slumber Party-17 SLS Slumber Party-18 SLS Slumber Party-19

Wearing: Blouse Peter Syn NYC (similar style here via Nieman Marcus), Shoes Miu Miu (here), Bag Aigner Munich, Skirt Storets, Cuff Michael Kors



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