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Charlotte Tillbury Favorites


You may have seen one of m videos on instastories featuring my daily make up routine and notices I pretty much use only Charlotte Tillbury products so i wanted to share with you here some of my favorite products from their line.

I actually have a pretty simple make up routine because of the extreme heat in Miami, minimal make up works best if you want to avoid total meldown. But I do love a good flushed glow so I start with the glow cream before I apply any foundation.


I recently started using the over night bronzing mask and I love it! I don’t like to put my face in the sun too much to avoid wrinkles (I’m 34 so this is important!) so this is great to have a little glow.

I dab on the tinted moisturizer instead of foundation for daily wear since its a little lighter and provides a more sheer coverage. At night I switch over to the foundation for more coverage.


I can’t live without concealer but I try to put only a few dots under my eye when needed and it kind of brightens up my whole eye area, I don’t use it all over.


I sweep the bronzing stick with my foundation brush and kind of paint it on my cheeks to give that look of ‘just come from the sun’ with a slight dewiness. I also put a little of the pressed powder blush on my eyelids to give a hint of color


I countour slightly at night to highlight the angles on my face but during the day I’m super careful not to over do it! I just use the bronzer to hollow out my cheeks and skip the highlighter


Just want to mention how much I LOOOOVEE the bar of gold, its such an amazing product and you only need a tiny bit of it to highlight what you want. I sometimes just dab my finger in it and press it on the corners of my eyes. Its really velvety and I love the tiny packaging, small eough to fit in my purse.


So so so important! I don’t go anwhere without this eye pencip to help comb and define my brows. Someitmes I’ll do my whole face and forget my brows and its such a dramatic difference to achieving a more polished look. Because I have sush bushy brows (a blessing and a curse) I take them with the eye gel to help them stay in place and it actually adds the look of tiny hairs so if you have thinner brows, you want this wand!


This is my favorite lipstick at the moment and I think it will be for a long time! The matte lipstick in Super Cindy is perfect for day or night and it has a fleshy pink tone with a brown undertone that is perfect for any skin color and universally flattering. I find myself re applying when I’m alone in the house… I know I’m not the only one who does this but I feel naked without lipstick!

Below are some of the products featured here. Let me know which ones are your favorites!

xx Sofia


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