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Updating Your Summer Hairstyle

For summer I like to have my hair up in some way but it’s also the scariest for me as I always wear my hair down and framing my face. It’s become almost like a security blanket for me and I only wear it up if I’m having an exceptionally great make-up/skin day which is […]


Perfect Imperfections

As I was putting on my foundation the other day I got to thinking about how we try so hard to hide our imperfections from the outside world instead of celebrating them. I’m not saying we should all stop wearing makeup because that would be crazy…and scary. I just think that some things that we […]


Fall Hair Trends

These were some of my favorite looks off the catwalk for this season’s must have hair. While I usually stay away from following trends when it comes to my hair as I like to keep my looks wearable and classic, these looks are both wearable, classic and on trend. I’ve already tried a few of […]


Wellaflex Blogger Event

I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to hair. I’m always trying to find new ways of styling it and always end up rushing my hair routine into just plain old blow drying it with no products involved. That’s why I was thrilled to join fellow beauty bloggers to try out the new┬árange of […]


Beauty Essentials

My husband loves the funny faces I make when I put on make-up. I think men don’t understand why on earth we have our mouths open to apply mascara… it’s just the way it is, there’s no other way to apply it.