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Fall Fashion Flashback!

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite fall Winter styles here because. 1. Miami has no winter so I really miss my winter clothes! 2. A lot of the trends from last season are still prevalent this season, so there’s no reason not to recycle looks! I hope you like the roundup of styles […]

SLS Slumber Party-4

Petersyn Blouse

By now you all may have noticed that I love off shoulder blouses with dramatic sleeves so this Petersyn blouse definitely made it to my most worn pieces this summer. I love the entire collection which is perfect for Miami and is also made of breathable cotton. One thing I learned in Miami is synthetic […]

Miami Whites-2

Maxi Skirt in SOBE

There’s so many beautiful art deco historic buildings in Miami Beach but sometimes I like strolling through th eback alleys (when it’s not blazing hot!) to find a simple white washed building to shoot in front of. Miami has so many options for bright and beautiful backdrops to take pictures in but sometimes the heat […]

Privacy Please_New Orleans-8

Privacy Please

It’s been a while since I posted, mainly because of travel but a little bit of personal self reflection too where I just had to say ‘its okay’ to let some things go sometimes to come back stronger and with more energy and conviction than before! I do feel a little more centered and I’m […]

Vogue Eyewear Miami-14

Vogue Eyewear Miami

As you may have noticed I have a bit of a sunglasses fetish. I always change up the styles according to my outfit and I’m rarely loyal to just one brand. I really love the new line from Vogue Eyewear in this cat eye shape which is usually the most flattering for me and I […]

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 10.49.59

The Denim Update

I’m on the hunt for some new jeans and frankly I’m a little confused as to where the denim trend lies this season! I’ve always been a skinny jeans girl because its just the style that suits me best. But now I’m seeing a lot of other cuts that just look a bit fresher than […]

Hamburg Grey-8

Last Winter Look

I sincerely forgot to post this look from my time at the BiorĂ© brunch in Hamburg on a very foggy day! I love grey’s in winter to blend in with the mood but I always like to add a pop of color like this pink beanie I got from &otherstories and the glitter boots from […]

Streetstyle_Sofia Grau-2

Miu Miu Mary Jane’s

I’m loving my new Miu Miu Mary janes because it’s such a 90′s classic but it’s also a very current trend which you can perfectly pair up with fishnets and ripped jeans to toughen them up a little. There’s nothing better in Berlin when the sun comes out to go for cold winter walks, grab […]


Before the Snow

After a long holiday over Christmas in England, its nice to be back to the routine in Berlin but also a bit annoying with this cold, snowy weather! I’m glad the year is over and that its time for a new year with new experiences and challenges. I’m so looking forward to all the exciting […]


All Grey Winter Look

Grey is one of my favorite colors for winter, its an easy alternative to black and its not as dreary. I’m a big fan of denim but over time I’ve relied to heavily on it so I’m trying to incorporate more skirts and these wool trousers for example into the mix. At the moment I’m […]